Sons Of Anarchy: Possible Series Finale Outcomes (SPOILERS)




It’s August 4th. We waited 9 long months for Sons Of Anarchy to return, and we only have one more to go.

Season 6 will be premiering September 10th, and the Anarchy fanatics are starting to feel the reality of the end of the series, which is approaching in just over a year. In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on how the series can end. For me, I feel that Kurt Sutter has done a masterful job with this series, and me trying to skip ahead towards the end may not sit well with you fans. But let me assure, I trust Sutter and FX Networks to give us nothing short of a masterpiece series finale.

But what the hell, let’s look at the possible endings to this epic show.

Scenario A: The Happy Ending

Let’s be blunt here. No one in the right mind will want a happy ending. TV dramas have shifted over the years, creating worlds with realism and dark tendencies (The Shield, Game Of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire). People have become accustomed to the evil protagonists, anti-heroes if I may. Kurt Sutter has basically told us through this show that a happy ending is something so far out of reach for these characters. And we love every second of it.

But just for the sake of argument, let’s say he does go that route. This would probably show Jax ultimate killing Clay, and being able to save the club from the troubles that surround it. It would have Clay finally reaching his demise from Jax’s hand, maybe a stellar showdown in the streets of Charming, with SAMCRO on the sidewalk watching.

You would see Tig finally choosing the side we want him to choose, being the good soldier for Jax.

We’d have Tara making amends with Gemma, the Old Ladies finally finding warmth with each other, watching Jax kill the man responsible for the death of John Teller, with Abel at their side.

We would see Bobby proudly wearing the Vice President patch, totally content, knowing that SAMCRO has strayed away from gun dealing and muling drugs for the cartel.

Yes, what a wonderful sight that would be, ending with Jax on his motorcycle, riding down towards the sunset, with his life perfectly together.

If you haven’t thrown up yet, let’s continue to the more plausible outcomes for this dark, badass show.

Scenario B: Let’s Kill Them All

Let’s go to the opposite outcome, and see how it would be if Sutter wanted to make this the grisliest finale of any show.

Picture this: Season 6 begins with Tara in jail, with nothing but her crazy thoughts rotting away in her cell. We have Gemma, becoming more and more drugged out that she doesn’t know which way is up, so she grabs a gun and blasts herself in her face. We have Juice finally dying from the hands of Jax, for his betrayal of the club. Tig, being curious with Jax’s actions, sides with Clay, and they break Clay out and move to Ireland to start a new motorcycle club. We have that new bad guy of the show, Lee Toric, going nuts on the club. Killing Bobby, killing all the lesser known names of SAMCRO. Jax finally has a handle on him, and kills him too.

So then we go to the series finale, where its SAMCRO vs Clay’s new gang with Tig. It’s an all-out brawl. When everyone dies, and Jax and Clay are both near death, Clay admits he killed Tara and Jax will have to die with that knowledge.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too dark. Let’s go with the most plausible outcome and my actual, real thoughts on the matter, with a few similarities of both scenarios above.

Scenario C: The Gavel’s Success of the Transformation of Jax

I believe, or more so hoping, that Sutter will transform Jax into the dark, evil, and ferocious leader that Clay turned out to be, turning his back on his father’s true vision of what SAMCRO stood for.

I feel season 6 will have two key deaths: Juice (mid-season) and Bobby (season finale).

I don’t know if you guys saw the newest teaser trailer, but in it you see Clay’s, Gemma’s and Tara’s face painted across the wall of a huge building. As the SOA ride their bikes next to it, the building explodes and their faces become demolished.

Automatically I began thinking of the possibility of foreshadowing, meaning that in season 6 these characters will die.

But the more I began to think about it, the more I felt it was more symbolic to their downfall as characters, not so much their demise.

I do believe that Clay and Tara will be dead by the end of series, but not by season 6.

For me, Juice is long due for his demise. Going behind the club’s back is a big no-no in SAMCRO. We see Jax growing wary and very on-edge with Juice, and I feel we will see him kill Juice, finally. He has always sided with Clay, and that’s something that doesn’t sit well with Jax.

Bobby’s death is a little bit more of a guess. We saw him take off his Vice President patch at the end of season 5, which shows he has had it with club, and more directly, with Jax himself.

His death with be the result of Jax’s complete transformation. I was surprised that Tig didn’t die at the end of season 5, which sort of threw me off guard because it illustrated that Jax wasn’t like Clay at all, and wasn’t able to kill a member. But when we see Tig questioning Jax with “How did you know they weren’t going to kill me right away?”, I began to think that Jax wouldn’t have cared either way.

Sorry, got off track. I think that Jax will kill Bobby in the series finale for who knows what. Maybe because Bobby will rat them out due to his distaste of Jax’s methods and the club’s direction. Maybe because he has become disloyal to the club or turns his back from the club completely. I have no idea.

But Bobby, aside from Opie, has been the club’s moral compass. Having Jax kill him will be like Jax killing the man he used to be, and finally turning himself into the monster that is Clay.

Moving forward, I can see Sutter killing Tara near the end of season 7. I can see hating Jax for the man he has become. Maybe she’ll finally kill Gemma, and Jax will go nuts and “accidentally” kills her, losing control of his actions and going over the edge. This will fuel the fire, which has already been going strong, to finally kill Clay. The only true soldier on Jax’s side will be Chibbs, who has been with him from the start.

I can see Tig siding with Clay, and within the battle, Chibbs being the only one who survives.


Again, this is me just thinking of things from the top of my head. This is going to be a crazy couple of seasons, and I can’t wait. Sutter hasn’t steered us wrong yet, so I trust him to make me appreciate this ending. It’s going to be a wild ride.


— Eric Landro


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